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WRITE YOUR CANCER began as a personal project for me.

This is my cancer blog about the journey I have undertaken as an outlet and way to share with others when my husband Gordon was first diagnosed with cancer. I have been teaching blogging, writing, editing, cybersafety, and implementing technology programs into the curriculum for many years as a teacher and education consultant. I also trained others in setting up their own blog or website, using WordPress and then showing them how to change it.

When Gordon was diagnosed with cancer, I spent hours trawling the internet looking for support. There were a lot of foundations that had been set up to raise money for research, but it was difficult to find practical and emotional support easily. So I began writing a book which would act as a guide to helping my friends and family understand what I was going through as a wife of someone with cancer. It would also act as a practical guide for others to read and know what they could do to help me. Many people wanted to help, but didn’t know how.

When it was suggested that I help cancer survivors, supporters and carers document their own journey, it was a no brainer.

By marrying my own experiences with my blogging and writing knowledge, it would be a way to help others. By beginning a cancer blog, I would hope that I could touch at least one person and help them.

You see, when you are married to someone with cancer, it becomes a journey you share together. With Gordon, it wasn’t his journey or my journey. It became OUR journey.

And so our journey begins. I am helping you from the heart. I am not sure where this journey will lead us, but do know that I am with you all the way.

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