One Year After Starting Cancer Treatment

It was exactly one year today that Gordon was in intensive care after losing 3 – 4 litres of blood when he began bleeding internally after an ulcer (sitting on top of his tumor) burst.

Today, Gordon is enjoying the snow fall at Perisher and having a great time enjoying life.

This time, one year ago, we didn’t know if he would be around, or what was wrong, or whether he was going to get out of intensive care alive.  You see, not everyone has a sad ending to cancer.  People survive, live normal lives and have a huge appreciation for life after they have been faced with the possibility that their life could be cut short at any time.

When you are going through cancer treatment, the tough times can seem never ending and the people around you wonder what the ending is going to be – happy, sad or just continue to live day to day if treatment doesn’t work.

This picture of Gordon wearing a huge smile on his face says it all.  write your cancer

He has gone through the hard times, had a difficult year, and come out smiling.  Yes, there are still struggles.  When you have your stomach removed, eating becomes a roll of the dice.  Sometimes Gordon can eat a 3 course meal and have no side effects.  Other times, a small meal of the wrong food can have him up on the toilet all night.  We never know.

Gordon likes to show off sometimes because he can’t put on weight, no matter how much he eats…. (Girls like me who struggle to lose 1 kilo while eating barely anything, close your ears)

But that’s okay – and it’s okay because he’s alive and has a life ahead of him. His cancer treatment was shorter than expected, and whether that’s a good thing or not, only time will tell.  For now, having endured some cancer treatment, rather than none is always a blessing and will always give Gordon an extra chance at life.

There are times when I look at my handsome husband, and wave him off as he goes on a 70 kilometre bike ride with my wonderful brother-in-law – or welcome him home after an 8km walk, and am so truly grateful and thankful that we have come out of this with life still ahead of us.

So one year ago, when things were looking like they were never going to get better, and it was a dark time for all of us, we have to remember that situations can turn around and life can work itself out in mysterious ways.

If you have just been diagnosed with cancer and you are in the place we were a year ago, I hope this gives you just a little hope that maybe, just maybe, things will turn around for you too.

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