How Our Cancer Journey Began

This is the day our lives changed and my cancer journey began. On August 7, 2015. The date I’ll never forget.

We had been down the Gold Coast for a few days. We had just returned home from our honeymoon 2 weeks previously and it was lovely to see my 15 year old daughter again. As a new family, we spent the day doing a 7 km walk from Surfers to Southport and back. Then we headed down to Coolangatta for lunch. My daughter Kiki and I played around on the beach, taking photos and enjoying cancer journeythe winter sunshine. GT said he would wait for us on the park bench ( I didn’t know he wasn’t feeling very well).

We decided to see a movie afterwards called, “The Last Cab Ride to Darwin”. It was about a guy living in Adelaide who had stomach cancer and wanted to drive to Darwin to participate in a Euthanasia program as his cancer was terminal.

Ironic, hey?

That evening, Kiki and I ordered room service and Gordon declined, saying that he was full from lunch. We said good night to Kiki and had an early night. From about 11pm onwards, Gordon was up complaining of indigestion. I was worried about his heart, as a week before our wedding, we found out he had a blocked (90%) artery and was needing a stent put in. He came out of hospital 4 days before our wedding day.

He told me he wasn’t feeling sick, just that he had bad indigestion from lunch. At about 3am, he went to the toilet and I heard him throw up. I raced in to find him clammy, cold and obviously going into shock. He told me he needed an ambulance. I looked at the sink and the floor. There was about 4 litres of blood in the sink and more all over the floor.

I helped him to bed and called an ambulance. That was the start of our cancer journey.

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