Kathy’s Story

Written by Kathy for Write Your Cancer

My dear husband’s father died early at 58 from Prostate cancer, so when Des was diagnosed in 2008, we were not that shocked.

Besides, there had been great advances in treatment and so our cancer journey began.

The Beginning of Our Cancer Journey

Write Your Cancer journey Kathy
Kathy remains positive, happy and dedicated to choosing gratitude each day

Finally in 2010, his Prostate was removed and we waited for the all clear.

In 2013, the blood tests showed that the cancer was still present, but was too small to show any tumor on a scan, so Des had hormone therapy and a course of radiation.

We continued to live our busy lives with holidays and travel and enjoying watching our family growing up. We both also have a deep faith in God as our Creator,  loving us and supporting us through this time. Yes, there were down times and frustration and the normal stresses of life but our family and friends were always there.

In Recent Times

Recently the cancer was again quadrupling somewhere in Des’ body, so the specialist gave us a few options and we chose to find out – using newest technology available – just where these rogue cells were hiding.

Now we have seen them on a scan, and again the treatment is Hormone Therapy and Radiation.

We hope that in 6 months, all the nasty cells are dead. Daily we thank God for the gift of life and we choose to live it well, enjoy our family and friends, and not get caught up stressing about unimportant things.

We Choose to Be Grateful

We are coming up  to our 37th wedding Anniversary next year, so we have much to be grateful for.

Some ways we have chosen to live daily are:

Giving thanks for what we have,

Forgiving those who may have ever hurt us – we all make mistakes,

Eating well and

Choosing to respond with positivity, patience, love, joy and grace. .

Our journey continues………..


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